The old man finds rest.

Gone his worry’s,

Gone his anger,

Yet gone his sorry’s.


No more his kindness.

No more his sadness.

Lost his wisdom.

Lost his frankness.


I can recall a time,

Before his strength ebbed.

A charm, a cheeky smile,

His arms outstretched.


I thank him now,

For efforts unseen,

For irreverent fun,

For protecting us.


A good man lies here.

Flawed as us all.

A soul we will miss.

I hope he’s found peace.

Crisis Bested

Creative juices,

Have been spent.

For so long now,

Minds been bent.


Towards a duty,

For those that raised.

Roles have twisted,

A Patriarch dazed.


A wounded Mother,

Helpless, scared.

Vulnerability exposed,

Weakness bared.


Family solidity,

Has been tested.

But not found wanting,

Crisis bested.




Watching the world

Through french doors

Have been for days

And days.

Tits and sparrows

Squabble and feed

As forced to laze

And gaze.

Seeing the world

One step removed

Isolated craze

A daze.

Trees drop leaves

Dogs rampage

As my spirits raise

I praise

Finally can move

Breath cold air

Through sufferings maze

Life phase.

Rage Bellows

A rage bellows.

Refusing to mellow.

Me and my anger,

Uneasy bed-fellows

I try to release,

Torments fleece.

But I languor,

Will not cease.

Wasted passion.

Cold frustration.

Misery unspent,

No sweet occasion

I am alone,

Worn to the bone.

With none to vent,

All I have known.

Types of Love

At first I loved

To be loved in return;

And when they didn’t

I became taciturn.

Then I loved

With no hope of return;

A self indulgent

Pointless yearn.

But now I love

Without need of return.

As there’s a purer

Love to learn.

The love we are

Fed by media’s churn.

Is hollow, unreal

And we should spurn.

Gratitude Whirling

This week has been full of pain.

Physical & inescapable.

Insight waxes & wanes.

I am not capable.

But instead of spiralling,

Avoided melancholy.

A gratitude whirling,

Keeping me jolly.

You see I’m surrounded,

By those who care.

A wonder unbounded,

Making life fair.