False Perfection

Must go to the gym,

As fat is a sin.

Or so the say.

Must have those new things,

As owning brings,

Happiness back.

I know deep in my soul,

Externals aren’t the goal.

Just mirages.

True contentment has a guise,

Exposed only to the wise.

From understanding;

The physical is an illusion.

Don’t get caught in that delusion!

See what is real.

Desires for a false perfection,

Are akin to a corrupt election.

Offering loss.

As all you’ll want is more.

Never satisfied, that’s the flaw,

No sweet ending.

So what are you to do?

Seek after gratitude;

For what you have.

This simple approach,

Will soothe, not reproach,

And joy is found.

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