Melancholy’s Pit

Tetchiness hiding deep sadness,

Nearly overwhelmed.

Melancholy’s pit came close.

But I saw its approach!

It was tempting to jump in.

Its monochrome space,

Is comforting, safe.

But its bleak views,

and the hard climb out,

Stayed my leap.

This week has been a struggle as my mind has been melancholy. I have been gripped before like this and found myself in the ‘pit’, which basically meant putting my existence on pause, which is not as pleasant as it sounds. I have learnt to see the pit approaching and do all I can not to dive in. As it is better, in the long run, to struggle through topside. Than to have to break the miserable thought cycle and muster the energy to climb out. But if you are in the pit right now, I understand and I promise you are not alone.

This Brené Brown video on empathy vs sympathy is excellent guidance. Not just when handling someone you care about’s sadness, but also in checking how your internal dialogue is treating you.

8 replies on “Melancholy’s Pit”

Apt description; it really expresses the mood at such moments.

I’m fortunate enough that what you illustrate only is an occasional situation, yet your words capture perfectly all the dynamics involved.

Great choice of picture, too, as it elaborates the words. Vice-versa, too.

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