Rapidly coursing

Precipice reached pause then plunge

Rock strewn roaring crash

A haiku for Ronovans challenge plunge and rapid are the key words. This evokes memories of waterfalls.


Sun’s Warmth

Virtually spent
Clouds part allowing sun’s warmth
To lift weary soul


Aching for Ease

Exhausted soul aches

Unabated suffering

No offer of ease

For Ronovans weekly haiku challenge, words this week are -yes you guessed it…Ease and Ache!


Haiku Cascade

A haiku distills thinking and I have been writing a good deal recently. Largely as part of Twitter engagement (@lauraelizahay). Here is my Haiku Cascade!

Don’t try to solve life

Probing makes it elusive

Like sand through fingers

“Will I be okay?”

The prayer of all who suffer

If resolve nurtured…

Torpor overtakes

Enveloped in down’s soft warmth

Sleep submerges mind

Slipped into the night

Freedom from glib exclusive

Found the kind and wise

Eventide’s light plays

Dancing through canopy’s boughs

I sigh lost in dreams

Do try for the light

End slumbering in darkness

World waits for your sight

Signs of spring

Life’s grace returning

Warm wind blows

Expect doubt

Life’s harsh leveller

Ego’s foe

In days aftermath

To myself I am unkind

To the achieved blind

To be a hermit

Deep in the woods, riverside

Only lost can find

A community

Of photo-synthesisers

Capturing the light

Like a mountain lake

Clearer, direction once was

Now muddy puddle!

Encouragement is

The act of lending courage

To the fearful heart.

Prophet Hicks was right

Human life’s machinations

Are all ‘just a ride’

It's just a ride.... Bill Hicks | Bill hicks, Bill hicks quotes, Gillian  welch

Phew if you made it here you have serious commitment!

Thank you.

Haiku Poetry

Time’s unbound

Seconds slip

Relentless advance

Time’s unbound

For Ronovans Haiku Challenge – prompts are Slip & Time Check it out

Haiku Poetry


A murmuration

Undulating like the wind

Acrobatic birds

Inspired by Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt Bird and Wind

Haiku Poetry


Toothless age
Degrades, undermines
Still wit bites
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Inspired by RonovanWrites weekly prompt teeth and bite – check it out

I am trying a shorter haiku form than I am used too ( I always thought they were 5,7,5 in syllable count, but they can also be 3,5,3, or shorter), see Ronovan’s guidance . I enjoy haiku’s as they make you succinct, and that economy tends to get me to the root. I am thoroughly enjoying responding to prompts, as you may have noticed. I only just discovered that people did this and I thank them. Life is so dull, the present ‘groundhog day’ routine means there is little inspiration coming from the day to day.

Haiku Poetry

Subterranean Network

The arboreal

Subterranean network

Hidden from our sight

For the Tuesday Poetics at dVerse on the subject of Fungi. What we see is just a small part of the world of fungi – they are the forest super highway working amongst the root structures sharing nutrients between trees and themselves, they also send information – a wood wide web!

Haiku Poetry


Evanescent pool

Reflection arboreal

Transitory glimpse

The flooding offered reflection in more ways than one


Bow of cruel defeat
Hardened by an arctic chill
Suspended beauty

This haiku was inspired by a lovely prompt from Twitter user ‘@MQuigley1963’