A host of green buds

Potential beauty cocooned

Heralding summer

Time is close for bursting forth

Petals of white purity

For Tuesday Tanka challenge – a flower that has meaning to me is my clematis – when it’s ripe with buds it tells me summer is not far away.



Pervading sadness

Not thrilling but compelling

Way easily lost

Comforting melancholy

Erodes will spends energy

For Ronovans Monday challenge where key words are sad and thrill.


Dissipating Stress

Weariness gives way

Simple tiredness holds sway

Dissipating stress

Shoulders draw away from neck

Jaw releases it’s tight grip

For Tanka Tuesday


Migraine #Tanka

Throbbing tension stabs

Ache subsides then crests again

Muscles constricted

Needfully head held in hands

Yearning for anguish to end

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A Tanka for Colleen’s Tuesday challenge (yes I know its Sunday)…the week’s demands have not allowed me to give this challenge any time until now. I wrote this as a haiku after experiencing a migraine, another repercussion of the week’s stress! Realised I could shift it to a Tanka and take on the challenge, which requires the use of synonyms for ‘eager’ and ‘hope’, I chose ‘needfully’ and ‘yearning’.


Waking unsettled

Waking unsettled

Was it dream or memory

Of all being lost

Real world catcher draws a blank

So anxiety can calm

For Eugi’s weekly prompt which is ‘Dream Catcher’. This Tanka speaks to those mornings when you wake unable to tell if a dream is real or not!



Joy is uplifting,

Melancholy submerges,

Joy is elusive,

Melancholy’s pervasive,

Seeking to tip the balance!

This is my attempt at Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, as you know, if you read my blog, I definitely enjoy a Haiku, but Tanka is new to me.

Why not have a go yourself? Tanka is a 31 syllable poem that can be one continuous line or, as I have done, 5 lines with a syllable count running 5,7,5,7,7.

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