Canine Nightmare

Sleep interrupted with a start.

Canine companion in full bark.

Seems no reason all quiet, dark.

Stroking I calm her racing heart.

Until the night terrors depart.

Before me she was on the streets.

Untrusting of those she did meet.

A threadbare, skinny, hungry waif.

Who in her dreams still feels unsafe.

Together demons we defeat.

Poppy the subject of this Poem.

This Décima was inspired by my canine friend Poppy. I got her 2 years ago after she had been picked up as a stray. She is fun, full of energy and it has taken a while to get her confidence up. She still has bad dreams though, heaven knows what happened to her before me, I hate to think about.

For Ronovan’s weekly Décima challenge – ‘Start’ in the A Rhyme. For instructions on how to write a Décima yourself follow this link.

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