Winter’s nearly spent

Rivulets of icy rain

Are flowing

On sodden ground to

Swollen brooks.

Grey may be the scene.

Enclosed by

Dreary clouds and skeletal trees.

But green shafts

Of hopeful bulbs are

Piercing through.

Signalling Winter’s bleakness is

Nearly spent.

Crocus or Tulip? Whatever it is – it is welcome

Weekly prompt


Mind Storm

Thoughts gust and billow,

The sails of consciousness.

Tearing down equanimity,

Whipping up despondency.

Mind is tossed and turned.

Finding no fine calmness,

No quiet act of divinity;

Can settle and let it be.

Yearning for the solace,

Lost in squall’s madness.

Cyclone’s destructive proclivity,

to disturb a sense of decency.

Then the worst is over, leaving

persistent rains of sadness.

Mind’s cyclone bows to gravity,

& battered, but lucid you see.

It was simply passing weather

The awesome greatness,

Of melancholy’s audacity,

Obsolete to patience’s key

Ragtag Daily Prompt – 2nd April 2021 – Patience