Soporific Wonder

My mouth surges,

Uncontrollable urges.

Release and sigh,

Yawn let’s fly.

I reach & stretch,

Trying to fetch,

Some life back.

Energy I lack.

Time for slumber,

Soporific wonder,

Helps reset,

My waking debt.

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I used to do this everyday;

This slog on trains to make my pay.

Now its done infrequently,

But it always takes it out of me.

I’ve considered reasons why;

A commuter’s life makes me sigh.

But if I’m honest its due to the dance,

Of excess stimuli and vigilance.


Worn Out

Worn out, tired.

A theme I hope to end.

Have been wired,

Some sanity to lend.

Perhaps I’m trapped,

And this is why,

Energy’s sapped.

I mistook a lie?

Or perhaps I’m where,

I should be right now.

Care’s lain bare,

Mood that’s foul.

What’s this path?

No idea you see.

Doubt does laugh,

But I don’t flee.

My future’s brighter,

Though I don’t see it.

Yes I’m lighter,

I can feel it.

To the future,

Turn assured.

Misery doesn’t suit you.

To hope be lured.