Darkness comes but it also goes,

I know this.

What arises always ceases,

I believe this.

Chaotic thought calms and settles,

I endure this.

Grasping tightly finds release,

I feel this.

Sky once oppressive

Becomes spacious,

This infinite expanse.

Mood brightens,

Perception shifts,

I’m grateful for this.

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Battle for Balance

Terrible thought surged

– loss overwhelmed.

Defences were breached

– tearful deluge.

A battle was fought

– composure found.

Calm balance hard won

– sadness settled.

Myself I picked up

– and peace regained.

This week was difficult, bad news spurned a shattering thought; that tipped the balance of my already stressed mind. Proud though, as although I wobbled, I found my footing and kept going!

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Chaotic Thought

Chaotic thought,

Buffets my mind.

I fear I’m caught,

In a mental bind.

Been here before,

And know what to do.

But motivations sore,

My inspiration flew.

Creeping toward,

Melancholy’s trap.

Where my reward,

Is anxiety’s flap.

All I can do,

Is patiently wait.

For cheer to brew,

And not be too late!