Battle for Balance

Terrible thought surged

– loss overwhelmed.

Defences were breached

– tearful deluge.

A battle was fought

– composure found.

Calm balance hard won

– sadness settled.

Myself I picked up

– and peace regained.

This week was difficult, bad news spurned a shattering thought; that tipped the balance of my already stressed mind. Proud though, as although I wobbled, I found my footing and kept going!

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Vertiginous View #writephoto

Vertiginous view
Deepest of pools
Water Cascades
Roaring pervades
Overwhelming surge
Precarious place
Lagoon of fears
Deluge of tears

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Deeper #writephoto


A Despondent Cloud

A despondent cloud,

Hangs over me.

It’s not allowed,

To swallow my glee.

Sad internal rain,

Barraged by tears.

I aim to tame,

Must restrain my fears.

A shaft of sunlight,

Shines on my face.

I win the fight,

Recapture my grace.

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