Pervading sadness

Not thrilling but compelling

Way easily lost

Comforting melancholy

Erodes will spends energy

For Ronovans Monday challenge where key words are sad and thrill.

Verse Epistle

Dear Sufferer

You will endure this,

You will prevail!

You can weather this storm,

That batters down your peace of mind.

You feel no more, can be lost,

Ripped from moorings considered sound.

But hold fast!

This will pass,

And from the wreckage you will emerge.

Too rise and rebuild.

All that’s needed,

Is to believe you can.

This is a Verse Epistle inspired by Sanaa’s dVerse prompt – take a look and perhaps give it a go yourself. This form is a letter in verse. This Verse Epistle was based on a poem I wrote to myself this week, to help me to keep going. I hope you find it helpful.

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Aching for Ease

Exhausted soul aches

Unabated suffering

No offer of ease

For Ronovans weekly haiku challenge, words this week are -yes you guessed it…Ease and Ache!