Dissipating Stress

Weariness gives way

Simple tiredness holds sway

Dissipating stress

Shoulders draw away from neck

Jaw releases it’s tight grip

For Tanka Tuesday



Waves of despair
Consume the peace so rare.
Frustration crashes, must flee.
All consuming
Terrors and worries, mind sinking.
Reach for the sane
Only to be enveloped, once again. 
Crest of bitter lessons
Tide keeps on, doesn't lessen.
Calm does lie below
Equanimity can ride the flow.

This poem reflects the challenge of this week. As it has been like sailing through a storm. But instead of weather a constant barrage of frustrations and a burgeoning to-do list of intractable problems! Sure this is something you can empathise with as doubt I am alone.


Inner Champion

Too often we are our own worst critic.

An internal voice that spews derision.

Inflicting on psyche a deep incision.

Way of being corrosive, acidic.

I wonder if its possible to shift?

To fight for ourselves, speak up for our cause.

Seek to defend and vigorously applaud.

Champion our good, steer us when we drift.

Solid advice if you have 10mins to spare…

So this is for Eugi’s weekly prompt – this week its ‘Champion’, check it out. It inspired me to think about champion not as a ‘winner’ but in its meaning to ‘advocate’, for another or a cause, and then ultimately for how we can be our own champion.