This being human is a Ship,

Traversing ocean swells,

Battered by storms,

Capsized by hurricanes.

Then finding safe harbour,

Gentle journeys through inlets,

Exploring coves and sandy bays,

Course at times easy found,

Other times navigation elusive.

Worried that the view,

Brings no sight of land.

Then times of peace,

With nothing in view,

Adrift in endless blue.

Written for dVerse prompt to write a metaphor poem starting ‘This being human is…’

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Waves of despair
Consume the peace so rare.
Frustration crashes, must flee.
All consuming
Terrors and worries, mind sinking.
Reach for the sane
Only to be enveloped, once again. 
Crest of bitter lessons
Tide keeps on, doesn't lessen.
Calm does lie below
Equanimity can ride the flow.

This poem reflects the challenge of this week. As it has been like sailing through a storm. But instead of weather a constant barrage of frustrations and a burgeoning to-do list of intractable problems! Sure this is something you can empathise with as doubt I am alone.



River plane deluge,

all walkers become waders,

usual banks submerged

Storm Christophe’s wake!


Mind Storm

Thoughts gust and billow,

The sails of consciousness.

Tearing down equanimity,

Whipping up despondency.

Mind is tossed and turned.

Finding no fine calmness,

No quiet act of divinity;

Can settle and let it be.

Yearning for the solace,

Lost in squall’s madness.

Cyclone’s destructive proclivity,

to disturb a sense of decency.

Then the worst is over, leaving

persistent rains of sadness.

Mind’s cyclone bows to gravity,

& battered, but lucid you see.

It was simply passing weather

The awesome greatness,

Of melancholy’s audacity,

Obsolete to patience’s key

Ragtag Daily Prompt – 2nd April 2021 – Patience