So many voices

Cascade of words

Flow through my mind.


Others introspections.

Occurring and reoccurring,

Expression’s gravitation,

Dragging willingly,

into literary vortexes.

So many voices craving,

To express experiences,

And their existence;

In this mess.

What a wonderful immersion,

In the cacophony of our race.

Sadness dripping tears.

Beauty in the mundane found.

Anger vented.

Love requited.

Philosophy expounded.

Nature celebrated.

So many minds –





Crying out for recognition,

And understanding.

Just like me…

This poem is a celebration of the brilliant voices I have encountered since coming back to blogging. Exploring other people’s thoughts can be overwhelming! Yet it is also a heartening joy to be surrounded by others who too are; feeling, experiencing and trying to understand their existence. Keep on my fellow creatives, keep on.

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Melancholy’s Pit

Tetchiness hiding deep sadness,

Nearly overwhelmed.

Melancholy’s pit came close.

But I saw its approach!

It was tempting to jump in.

Its monochrome space,

Is comforting, safe.

But its bleak views,

and the hard climb out,

Stayed my leap.

This week has been a struggle as my mind has been melancholy. I have been gripped before like this and found myself in the ‘pit’, which basically meant putting my existence on pause, which is not as pleasant as it sounds. I have learnt to see the pit approaching and do all I can not to dive in. As it is better, in the long run, to struggle through topside. Than to have to break the miserable thought cycle and muster the energy to climb out. But if you are in the pit right now, I understand and I promise you are not alone.

This Brené Brown video on empathy vs sympathy is excellent guidance. Not just when handling someone you care about’s sadness, but also in checking how your internal dialogue is treating you.

Mind Storm

Thoughts gust and billow,

The sails of consciousness.

Tearing down equanimity,

Whipping up despondency.

Mind is tossed and turned.

Finding no fine calmness,

No quiet act of divinity;

Can settle and let it be.

Yearning for the solace,

Lost in squall’s madness.

Cyclone’s destructive proclivity,

to disturb a sense of decency.

Then the worst is over, leaving

persistent rains of sadness.

Mind’s cyclone bows to gravity,

& battered, but lucid you see.

It was simply passing weather

The awesome greatness,

Of melancholy’s audacity,

Obsolete to patience’s key

Ragtag Daily Prompt – 2nd April 2021 – Patience