Friends & Family

Let me speak of the wonderful,

Linkages and interactions.

Those that bring joyous distractions.

Whose company I am grateful.

Their constancy always thoughtful.

Of course I speak of friends not foes,

And dear family who did sow;

A love that grows and will not rot.

I am entwined in bless’ed knots,

I will not cut, yes this I know!

For the Ronovan Decima challenge – this week the prompt is knot.


Regret Décima

Still I reel from his ways unkind.
The way confidence, he did steal.
Manipulated, couldn't feel.
Bewildered by the charming bind.
Casual neglect blunted mind.
I did escape his cloying hold.
Extracted dross revealing gold.
I regret the age I wasted.
How I kept myself sedated.
But the escape, did make me bold...

Another challenge from RonovanWrites – A Décima with ‘steal’ as the B rhyme. Never written a Décima before and it was good challenge and interesting to work through the regret I still feel, despite several years passing, at wasting time with an unsuitable partner. Check out his guidance here on how to write a Décima.

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Long Shadow Cast

Long shadow cast

Over memory’s archive

Anxious recoil

Approaches unwelcome.


Long shadow cast

making cherished tunes

Weakness reminders

Shame recollected


Long shadow cast

Causing wasted years

Accepting neglect

Casual indifference


Long shadow cast

Distrusting enchantment

Solitude’s safer

Heart fortified

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