Bad Boss

Oh do sir please;

Leave me alone.

How dare you imply,

My works not my own.

Despite the fact,

I’d rather be,

Miles away,

Beside the sea.

I come here,

Every single day.

To slave for you,

Hold dreams at bay.

And even though,

I loathe this slog.

Somehow through it all,

I do a good job.

So never suggest,

I am a sloth.

Or otherwise,

You’ll face my wrath.

I wish I could,

Release frustration.

Find a new view,

A new appreciation.

But until then,

Understand you fool.

I feel trapped,

Perhaps you do too…


I refuse to fall apart

Though the futures taunting me,

And the past won’t depart.

I’ll retain my sanity,

I refuse to fall apart.

Guided by stubborn optimism,

And a desire to prevail.

I’ll keep a fresh vision,

Through life’s howling gale.

Find a new attitude,

By tireless truth seeking.

Fund a quiet fortitude,

Prevent my energy leaking.

Keep sight of the plan.

But for now at least,

Accept where I am,

And enjoy the feast.


Worn Out

Worn out, tired.

A theme I hope to end.

Have been wired,

Some sanity to lend.

Perhaps I’m trapped,

And this is why,

Energy’s sapped.

I mistook a lie?

Or perhaps I’m where,

I should be right now.

Care’s lain bare,

Mood that’s foul.

What’s this path?

No idea you see.

Doubt does laugh,

But I don’t flee.

My future’s brighter,

Though I don’t see it.

Yes I’m lighter,

I can feel it.

To the future,

Turn assured.

Misery doesn’t suit you.

To hope be lured.


Cannot see the Truth

Cannot see the truth.

Blighted with worries,

I bend and stoop.

Caught in the eddies,

I search for proof.

That our race,

Can escape its greed.

Can grow, show grace,

Its morals breed.

Assure the future’s safe.

From those few,

Whose self interest,

Will spoil for you.

The potential best,

That almost grew.

Before we got,

Carried away.

With what,

We have and where we lay.

To a time when our lot.

Is for knowledge,

And not things.

When a grudge,

And blings,

Cannot define things.


Before Death

I should be pleased

With what I’ve achieved

This constant quest for more

Is making my soul sore

Time to enjoy the spoils

Of all of my toils

Stop flogging my wit

Take time to sit

You have come far

But do you know who you are?

You’re actually a success

I promise, I don’t mess

I know a new challenge

Will soon be yours to manage

But for now take a breath

There are too few before death

Check out dVerse, a brilliant site – this was posted on their open link night 4th March 2021


Homage to Hiroshima

The folded wings of the origami dove teased by the breeze.
The shell of the dome remembers,
A day our race realised,
The monster it had created.

It’s a truth that those people who; scorched and poisoned,
Suffered to save us all.
If it were not for that horror, and
Without the cold conflict,

Where would we now be?