Aching for Ease

Exhausted soul aches

Unabated suffering

No offer of ease

For Ronovans weekly haiku challenge, words this week are -yes you guessed it…Ease and Ache!


So many voices

Cascade of words

Flow through my mind.


Others introspections.

Occurring and reoccurring,

Expression’s gravitation,

Dragging willingly,

into literary vortexes.

So many voices craving,

To express experiences,

And their existence;

In this mess.

What a wonderful immersion,

In the cacophony of our race.

Sadness dripping tears.

Beauty in the mundane found.

Anger vented.

Love requited.

Philosophy expounded.

Nature celebrated.

So many minds –





Crying out for recognition,

And understanding.

Just like me…

This poem is a celebration of the brilliant voices I have encountered since coming back to blogging. Exploring other people’s thoughts can be overwhelming! Yet it is also a heartening joy to be surrounded by others who too are; feeling, experiencing and trying to understand their existence. Keep on my fellow creatives, keep on.

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Friends & Family

Let me speak of the wonderful,

Linkages and interactions.

Those that bring joyous distractions.

Whose company I am grateful.

Their constancy always thoughtful.

Of course I speak of friends not foes,

And dear family who did sow;

A love that grows and will not rot.

I am entwined in bless’ed knots,

I will not cut, yes this I know!

For the Ronovan Decima challenge – this week the prompt is knot.


Haiku Cascade

A haiku distills thinking and I have been writing a good deal recently. Largely as part of Twitter engagement (@lauraelizahay). Here is my Haiku Cascade!

Don’t try to solve life

Probing makes it elusive

Like sand through fingers

“Will I be okay?”

The prayer of all who suffer

If resolve nurtured…

Torpor overtakes

Enveloped in down’s soft warmth

Sleep submerges mind

Slipped into the night

Freedom from glib exclusive

Found the kind and wise

Eventide’s light plays

Dancing through canopy’s boughs

I sigh lost in dreams

Do try for the light

End slumbering in darkness

World waits for your sight

Signs of spring

Life’s grace returning

Warm wind blows

Expect doubt

Life’s harsh leveller

Ego’s foe

In days aftermath

To myself I am unkind

To the achieved blind

To be a hermit

Deep in the woods, riverside

Only lost can find

A community

Of photo-synthesisers

Capturing the light

Like a mountain lake

Clearer, direction once was

Now muddy puddle!

Encouragement is

The act of lending courage

To the fearful heart.

Prophet Hicks was right

Human life’s machinations

Are all ‘just a ride’

It's just a ride.... Bill Hicks | Bill hicks, Bill hicks quotes, Gillian  welch

Phew if you made it here you have serious commitment!

Thank you.

Haiku Poetry

Time’s unbound

Seconds slip

Relentless advance

Time’s unbound

For Ronovans Haiku Challenge – prompts are Slip & Time Check it out


Inner Champion

Too often we are our own worst critic.

An internal voice that spews derision.

Inflicting on psyche a deep incision.

Way of being corrosive, acidic.

I wonder if its possible to shift?

To fight for ourselves, speak up for our cause.

Seek to defend and vigorously applaud.

Champion our good, steer us when we drift.

Solid advice if you have 10mins to spare…

So this is for Eugi’s weekly prompt – this week its ‘Champion’, check it out. It inspired me to think about champion not as a ‘winner’ but in its meaning to ‘advocate’, for another or a cause, and then ultimately for how we can be our own champion.



I am the shade of clouds
On a gloomy day
When melancholy
takes hold.

Between light and shade
I am the middle way
Shade of compromise
Fair play. 

I am sensible
Possibly staid, but practical,

But if you shine me
Lustrous I can be
Ultimate reflector, super conductor
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Inspired by dVerse prompt where we are asked to imagine ourselves as a colour. Was for Tuesday poetics, so a bit late as had to let this one percolate.

Haiku Poetry


A murmuration

Undulating like the wind

Acrobatic birds

Inspired by Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt Bird and Wind


Wedding Verse

Today we are witness
To a new chapter
As the passing of time 
Does not allow capture!

Those heady days
Of youthful glee
Have given way 
to responsibility.

But today I ask you
To cast aside
All mundane cares
And in jubilance reside!

For we are here to celebrate
Kindness unified!
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This was written and read at the marriage of my dear friends! I thought I would post this for Valentines Day.


Vertiginous View #writephoto

Vertiginous view
Deepest of pools
Water Cascades
Roaring pervades
Overwhelming surge
Precarious place
Lagoon of fears
Deluge of tears

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Deeper #writephoto