This being human is a Ship,

Traversing ocean swells,

Battered by storms,

Capsized by hurricanes.

Then finding safe harbour,

Gentle journeys through inlets,

Exploring coves and sandy bays,

Course at times easy found,

Other times navigation elusive.

Worried that the view,

Brings no sight of land.

Then times of peace,

With nothing in view,

Adrift in endless blue.

Written for dVerse prompt to write a metaphor poem starting ‘This being human is…’

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Battle for Balance

Terrible thought surged

– loss overwhelmed.

Defences were breached

– tearful deluge.

A battle was fought

– composure found.

Calm balance hard won

– sadness settled.

Myself I picked up

– and peace regained.

This week was difficult, bad news spurned a shattering thought; that tipped the balance of my already stressed mind. Proud though, as although I wobbled, I found my footing and kept going!

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