Rapidly coursing

Precipice reached pause then plunge

Rock strewn roaring crash

A haiku for Ronovans challenge plunge and rapid are the key words. This evokes memories of waterfalls.



A host of green buds

Potential beauty cocooned

Heralding summer

Time is close for bursting forth

Petals of white purity

For Tuesday Tanka challenge – a flower that has meaning to me is my clematis – when it’s ripe with buds it tells me summer is not far away.


So many voices

Cascade of words

Flow through my mind.


Others introspections.

Occurring and reoccurring,

Expression’s gravitation,

Dragging willingly,

into literary vortexes.

So many voices craving,

To express experiences,

And their existence;

In this mess.

What a wonderful immersion,

In the cacophony of our race.

Sadness dripping tears.

Beauty in the mundane found.

Anger vented.

Love requited.

Philosophy expounded.

Nature celebrated.

So many minds –





Crying out for recognition,

And understanding.

Just like me…

This poem is a celebration of the brilliant voices I have encountered since coming back to blogging. Exploring other people’s thoughts can be overwhelming! Yet it is also a heartening joy to be surrounded by others who too are; feeling, experiencing and trying to understand their existence. Keep on my fellow creatives, keep on.

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Haiku Cascade

A haiku distills thinking and I have been writing a good deal recently. Largely as part of Twitter engagement (@lauraelizahay). Here is my Haiku Cascade!

Don’t try to solve life

Probing makes it elusive

Like sand through fingers

“Will I be okay?”

The prayer of all who suffer

If resolve nurtured…

Torpor overtakes

Enveloped in down’s soft warmth

Sleep submerges mind

Slipped into the night

Freedom from glib exclusive

Found the kind and wise

Eventide’s light plays

Dancing through canopy’s boughs

I sigh lost in dreams

Do try for the light

End slumbering in darkness

World waits for your sight

Signs of spring

Life’s grace returning

Warm wind blows

Expect doubt

Life’s harsh leveller

Ego’s foe

In days aftermath

To myself I am unkind

To the achieved blind

To be a hermit

Deep in the woods, riverside

Only lost can find

A community

Of photo-synthesisers

Capturing the light

Like a mountain lake

Clearer, direction once was

Now muddy puddle!

Encouragement is

The act of lending courage

To the fearful heart.

Prophet Hicks was right

Human life’s machinations

Are all ‘just a ride’

It's just a ride.... Bill Hicks | Bill hicks, Bill hicks quotes, Gillian  welch

Phew if you made it here you have serious commitment!

Thank you.


Frosty Morning

Bright morning,

Bleak Mind lifted.

Air crisp,

Tired Body sighs.

Sky clear,

Settling the Soul.

World iced,

Warmed Heart embraces.

My morning walk today was one of brightness and a crisp frost, these are by far my favourite mornings and provided a very welcome lift to all my facets!


Nature’s Calling

Nature’s calling.

Sometimes a whisper,

Sometimes a scream,

At times bellowing.

To share her vision.

What we could be.

Become caretakers.

Stop the demolition.

Take our place,

As part of Nature.

Not seperate,

As we mistake.

Nurture Nature,

And our nature.

David Attenborough’s sage guidance – please give this just 8.5 minutes of your time.

I am often overwhelmed by the challenge ahead of us in repairing the damage done to this wonderful world, but there is hope as we Human’s are an innovative bunch.

This was inspired by Sammisscribbles weekend writing prompt

Décima Poetry

Whirl Décima

Dusk and the light begins to wane.
By the lake where the reeds grow high. 
Hear the chatter, the first go by.
My sheer delight I need not feign. 
This reed bed is where Starlings reign. 
Before they roost there's lifts and swirls.
Constantly the rabble unfurls.
Acrobatic undulations!
Chaotic yet in formation
A living mass that twists and whirls. 
A murmuration!

This is for Ronovan writes Décima Poetry Challenge – with ‘Whirl’ as the prompt word. Check out his blog to participate or just to find our what a Décima is! I am continuing the theme I started from the Haiku challenge Ronovan also set, which inspired this post

Haiku Poetry


Evanescent pool

Reflection arboreal

Transitory glimpse

The flooding offered reflection in more ways than one

Winter’s nearly spent

Rivulets of icy rain

Are flowing

On sodden ground to

Swollen brooks.

Grey may be the scene.

Enclosed by

Dreary clouds and skeletal trees.

But green shafts

Of hopeful bulbs are

Piercing through.

Signalling Winter’s bleakness is

Nearly spent.

Crocus or Tulip? Whatever it is – it is welcome

Weekly prompt