Décima Poetry

Whirl Décima

Dusk and the light begins to wane.
By the lake where the reeds grow high. 
Hear the chatter, the first go by.
My sheer delight I need not feign. 
This reed bed is where Starlings reign. 
Before they roost there's lifts and swirls.
Constantly the rabble unfurls.
Acrobatic undulations!
Chaotic yet in formation
A living mass that twists and whirls. 
A murmuration!

This is for Ronovan writes Décima Poetry Challenge – with ‘Whirl’ as the prompt word. Check out his blog to participate or just to find our what a Décima is! I am continuing the theme I started from the Haiku challenge Ronovan also set, which inspired this post

Haiku Poetry


A murmuration

Undulating like the wind

Acrobatic birds

Inspired by Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt Bird and Wind