Frosty Morning

Bright morning,

Bleak Mind lifted.

Air crisp,

Tired Body sighs.

Sky clear,

Settling the Soul.

World iced,

Warmed Heart embraces.

My morning walk today was one of brightness and a crisp frost, these are by far my favourite mornings and provided a very welcome lift to all my facets!


Summers Morning

Glorious Morning,
domed by blue,
enwrapped in dew.

A gentle breeze's
fresh embrace, 
embodies grace. 

Sunlight scatters
through the trees
and sadness flees.

In that moment
spirit rises
as nature sympathises.

In the bleak mid winter its hard to recall the warmth and comfort of the summer. I came across this poem scribbled on a scrap of paper from back in August last year. It reminded me that time will inevitably shift us back to days like this and that lifted my spirits. So I thought I would share in the hope it will do the same for you.

Submitted for a lovely exercise on a blog I recently found – check them out it seems to be a lovely community – dVerse.