Uncertain Times

Times are uncertain

Perhaps always were.

Now precarious truth

Is underscored.


Will we blindly

Keep to what was?

Deluded, sedated

Ignore what is?


Or embrace reality

With its mountains and pits.

Find our nobility

Drop our base fears.


Let go of our hindrances

Truly co-exist

Courageously, kindly

Be what we are.

I do believe that it is in shedding what does not serve us and others; that we come closer to who we actually are – perhaps more so, than when we gain.

Rights & Responsibilities

I have the right,

To breath & smile.

To live my life,

With no denials.

I am responsible,

For how I act.

Try to be kind;

Aware of impact.

I have the right,

To fill my days.

With what I choose;

With a new craze.

But in pursuit,

Of my future.

I must take care,

Of your nurture.

This balance I,

Must pursue, to

Reap all my rights,

And not hurt you…