Pest Control – A Short Story

It came up on the screen, the beautiful blue green planet that had been his ultimate triumph in planetary architecture, before the idiot had speculated all the capital he needed to complete project. He had won awards yet he had been humiliated, but at least the idiot had been dealt with, the only delight he could take from the sorry affair.

It had all gone so well – he had secured the funding to terraform a planet around a viable sun, on the outskirts of the galaxy. The plan had been to create the ultimate holiday destination for those slogging in the centre – he was going to be so rich.

But he had a problem, bloody evolution. It was riddled with life and not the plant life he had put there for landscaping purposes. Nor the dumb lizards for the rich to enjoy hunting; no there was mammalian sentience, he had a pest problem of the highest order.



There was a young woman from Dorking

Whose figure was positively corking

The fellas would drool

And act like a fool

Till her girlfriend punched them for gawking!