Friends & Family

Let me speak of the wonderful,

Linkages and interactions.

Those that bring joyous distractions.

Whose company I am grateful.

Their constancy always thoughtful.

Of course I speak of friends not foes,

And dear family who did sow;

A love that grows and will not rot.

I am entwined in bless’ed knots,

I will not cut, yes this I know!

For the Ronovan Decima challenge – this week the prompt is knot.


Helping the Flow

Start of a journey.

A chance has been seized,

To start being me!

Thank god I believed;

That money and greed,

Cannot fulfil.

It doesn’t feed,

Made my soul ill.

Made my mind weak,

And now I know.

The future I seek,

Is helping the flow;

Of skills & knowledge,

Of weak to strong,

Of fear to courage,

Of right from wrong.