Rejection Fears

I fear you won’t say yes,

To my needful request.

So I dare not ask.

As what will I do,

If it’s your view,

To turn from my grasp?


A Despondent Cloud

A despondent cloud,

Hangs over me.

It’s not allowed,

To swallow my glee.

Sad internal rain,

Barraged by tears.

I aim to tame,

Must restrain my fears.

A shaft of sunlight,

Shines on my face.

I win the fight,

Recapture my grace.

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Mind Council

The Council came to order.

Anxiety feared a fall.

Ego took centre stage.

His charisma wooed them all.

Anger blurted out,

A persuasive call to arms.

Compassion tried to talk about;

The need for all to calm.

Fear looked for an escape.

Courage wouldn’t see him fly.

Doubt said that all were wrong.

Fatalism just wanted to die.

Then Honesty stood firm,

And called for Intelligence.

Who saw a chance to learn,

And all the rest saw sense!


Future’s Beckoning

Future’s beckoning,

Time’s reckoning.

Melancholy threatens,

Peace deadened.

Conquering fear,

Living right here.

Finishing tasks,

Doing what’s asked.

Vanquish despondency,

Averting tragedy.

Becoming complete,

Understated, discrete.