Knowing enough is enough,

Begins with believing you are enough.


When fertile ground becomes barren,

Pastures are spent,

What was full has emptied;


Freezing in place is unsound!

Find a peace in movement.


Ride out the regret,

Face down the sadness,

Accept that all things change;


Turn from victimhood,

Find a hero’s grace.


Uncertain Times

Times are uncertain

Perhaps always were.

Now precarious truth

Is underscored.


Will we blindly

Keep to what was?

Deluded, sedated

Ignore what is?


Or embrace reality

With its mountains and pits.

Find our nobility

Drop our base fears.


Let go of our hindrances

Truly co-exist

Courageously, kindly

Be what we are.

I do believe that it is in shedding what does not serve us and others; that we come closer to who we actually are – perhaps more so, than when we gain.

Mind Storm

Thoughts gust and billow,

The sails of consciousness.

Tearing down equanimity,

Whipping up despondency.

Mind is tossed and turned.

Finding no fine calmness,

No quiet act of divinity;

Can settle and let it be.

Yearning for the solace,

Lost in squall’s madness.

Cyclone’s destructive proclivity,

to disturb a sense of decency.

Then the worst is over, leaving

persistent rains of sadness.

Mind’s cyclone bows to gravity,

& battered, but lucid you see.

It was simply passing weather

The awesome greatness,

Of melancholy’s audacity,

Obsolete to patience’s key

Ragtag Daily Prompt – 2nd April 2021 – Patience


I wonder at times…

I wonder at times,

If I can ever find solace.

Explaining in rhymes;

The suffering, the bollocks?

I find all around me,

Our species applauding.

Its wit and its beauty;

So blinding, so deluding.

So far from the truth,

At best just bright monkeys.

Blundering, and letting loose;

Like fools, like junkies.

Slavishly pursuing,

Poor regard for good deeds.

Hell bent on satiating;

Our desires, our needs.

What about compassion,

And responsibility?

Why we are swayed by fashion;

With triviality, with frivolity?


Having it all

I have it all;

Or so they say.

The flat, the car,

The man, the pay.

It’s not enough,

Don’t feel complete.

My destiny,

Still yet to meet…


I refuse to fall apart

Though the futures taunting me,

And the past won’t depart.

I’ll retain my sanity,

I refuse to fall apart.

Guided by stubborn optimism,

And a desire to prevail.

I’ll keep a fresh vision,

Through life’s howling gale.

Find a new attitude,

By tireless truth seeking.

Fund a quiet fortitude,

Prevent my energy leaking.

Keep sight of the plan.

But for now at least,

Accept where I am,

And enjoy the feast.


Misery Begone

You have every right to exist

So try and wear a smile

Soon this melancholy will desist

And you know you’re not vile

Sometimes it’s hard to remember

That you have a place in this world

So easy to give in, surrender

Leaving hope unfurled

But every time I hit a low

I must convince me once again

That this is just my ebb and flow

The me that’s mad and sane

Take heart as every time you manage

To find the means to carry on

You’re beginning to know the language

That lets this misery be gone.


Audacities Face

I don’t want to preach;

but I must appeal.

For the extraction of a leech,

Rescinding of the deal.

What right my race?

To gorge and grin,

Then show audacities face,

And claim a win

When all we’ve done,

Is suck the worth,

And call it fun.

What idle mirth?

Society is cruel,

Vindictive and spoiled.

It has its own rule,

But is easily foiled.

One can live outside it,

If space is left within,

And still be inside it,

Trying to not give in.


Cannot see the Truth

Cannot see the truth.

Blighted with worries,

I bend and stoop.

Caught in the eddies,

I search for proof.

That our race,

Can escape its greed.

Can grow, show grace,

Its morals breed.

Assure the future’s safe.

From those few,

Whose self interest,

Will spoil for you.

The potential best,

That almost grew.

Before we got,

Carried away.

With what,

We have and where we lay.

To a time when our lot.

Is for knowledge,

And not things.

When a grudge,

And blings,

Cannot define things.