So many voices

Cascade of words

Flow through my mind.


Others introspections.

Occurring and reoccurring,

Expression’s gravitation,

Dragging willingly,

into literary vortexes.

So many voices craving,

To express experiences,

And their existence;

In this mess.

What a wonderful immersion,

In the cacophony of our race.

Sadness dripping tears.

Beauty in the mundane found.

Anger vented.

Love requited.

Philosophy expounded.

Nature celebrated.

So many minds –





Crying out for recognition,

And understanding.

Just like me…

This poem is a celebration of the brilliant voices I have encountered since coming back to blogging. Exploring other people’s thoughts can be overwhelming! Yet it is also a heartening joy to be surrounded by others who too are; feeling, experiencing and trying to understand their existence. Keep on my fellow creatives, keep on.

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Rage Bellows

A rage bellows.

Refusing to mellow.

Me and my anger,

Uneasy bed-fellows

I try to release,

Torments fleece.

But I languor,

Will not cease.

Wasted passion.

Cold frustration.

Misery unspent,

No sweet occasion

I am alone,

Worn to the bone.

With none to vent,

All I have known.


Mind Council

The Council came to order.

Anxiety feared a fall.

Ego took centre stage.

His charisma wooed them all.

Anger blurted out,

A persuasive call to arms.

Compassion tried to talk about;

The need for all to calm.

Fear looked for an escape.

Courage wouldn’t see him fly.

Doubt said that all were wrong.

Fatalism just wanted to die.

Then Honesty stood firm,

And called for Intelligence.

Who saw a chance to learn,

And all the rest saw sense!


Dealing with Anger

When fuelled by anger,

Cease & desist,

Try to find,

The injustice.

Look for its root.

It could be small;

A meal ruined,

By a baby’s bawl.

Or maybe huge,

Like people dying.

Or political,

Like statesmen lying!

Whatever the cause,

Of your zealous wrath.

Finding the wrong,

Helps it peter off.

Then you can decide,

The best way to act.

With a calm head

Driven by fact.