Poetry Quadrille

Crown of Roses

To wear a crown of roses,

Is a fragrant thing.

Others sigh at its beauty,

But do not feel the thorns.

Time makes its petals drop,

The perfume is no more.

Exposed are the wounds,

Sore lesions, deep scratches.

Lay it down you fool.

For the dVerse quadrille #141 ‘Crown’ check it out here.



Wound around the wounds

Life inflicts upon us

Can be tender kindness

If we allow it.

Do not lash out

Stay the defensive urge

Accept the offered hand

Do not fear vulnerability.

Rest in other’s decency

Heal nurtured by love

Accept you aren’t alone.

For dVerse’s quadrille challenge hosted by Lillian. Aim is to write a poem of 44 words that uses both meanings of ‘wound’.

Check out the challenge here.

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Poetry Quadrille

Virtual Birthday

T'is my Birthday
And from afar
Friends and Family
Virtually Embrace.

Cannot draw near
as the sickle
of the minuscule
could harm.

Yet Human innovation
Through ether
or postal routes
Allows love's flow.

Feeling blessed
In anxious times
Warmed by sentiments,
all that's kind. 

It really is my Birthday, but was also inspired by the dverse quadrille prompt ’embrace’ – do check them out.

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