Joy is uplifting,

Melancholy submerges,

Joy is elusive,

Melancholy’s pervasive,

Seeking to tip the balance!

This is my attempt at Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, as you know, if you read my blog, I definitely enjoy a Haiku, but Tanka is new to me.

Why not have a go yourself? Tanka is a 31 syllable poem that can be one continuous line or, as I have done, 5 lines with a syllable count running 5,7,5,7,7.

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19 replies on “Balance”

Thanks for this. Your tanka is lovely. 👏
And thanks to you I just opted in at Coleen’s Tanka Tuesday.
Perhaps, I too could enlighten the world with my poetry like you just enlightened me.
Stay the course. See you inside. (Say hi to Selma if you see her. She’s a shy one, that one) 😉 Be well. I wish you miracles. xoxo,

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Thanks, Laura. I was meant to see this today. If you care to know,
I’m at (though sometimes– and I don’t understand why–) the app sends you knocking at a different door. Sorry, I saw you knocked. Find me at the link I provided, please.

Will see you at Colleen’s one of these fine days. Be well.

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