Nature’s Calling

Nature’s calling.

Sometimes a whisper,

Sometimes a scream,

At times bellowing.

To share her vision.

What we could be.

Become caretakers.

Stop the demolition.

Take our place,

As part of Nature.

Not seperate,

As we mistake.

Nurture Nature,

And our nature.

David Attenborough’s sage guidance – please give this just 8.5 minutes of your time.

I am often overwhelmed by the challenge ahead of us in repairing the damage done to this wonderful world, but there is hope as we Human’s are an innovative bunch.

This was inspired by Sammisscribbles weekend writing prompt

6 replies on “Nature’s Calling”

Just recently I watched a show where plastic is in the oceans. A poor turtle had a straw stuck in its nose and you see it’s pain and distress when it was pulled out. A dead whale’s stomach was filled with plastic. It’s really, really sad and distressing to see the amount of damage which has been done to our environment.

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